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So what exactly is Kentucky Scrapple?

One of the first questions I hear is - "What is Kentucky Scrapple"?

If you're from the East coast you probably have an idea, but you may not know what's on the ingredient list of "traditional" scrapple.

Scrapple is a "traditional" breakfast meat that traces back to the early Germans and Dutch who settled in the Mid-Atlantic states. 

Back in the day, making "Traditional Scrapple" was part of the hog butchering process in the fall.  Typically the hog's head would be boiled until the meat was tender enough to be pulled from the bone. That meat would then be chopped and placed back in the boil water.  Cornmeal and buckwheat flour would be added to the mixture to thicken into a slurry.

"Traditionally," other parts from the butchering process, might be added; parts like livers, skins, lips and snouts (sometimes called offal). This mix was cooked down and thickened, it was placed in loaf pans, chilled and allowed to set up.  Finally, the Scrapple would be sliced and fried.

Today, "scrap"[s] like livers and lips, aren't normally on most people's breakfast menu's. But they may be if you eat "Traditional Scrapple".  There are several brands today that still proudly list skin, lips, livers and snouts on their ingredient lists.  As good as it may taste, people can guess the meaning of the word Scrapple when they find out what's in it.

 Although Kentucky Scrapple is similar in taste and texture to "traditional" scrapple; it frys up golden brown, crunchy on the outside, and packs plenty of moist juicy flavor on the inside; It is important to note, Bush Lane Farms uses only choicest cuts of locally sourced pork in making our Kentucky Scrapple. 

We DO NOT include any pork cuts other than whole muscle meat - no organ meat, skins, or "other" parts.

We use only premium meats, grains, oats and spices - no additives, fillers or preservatives.  No colors or dyes. 

No "scrap" is used in making our premium quality Kentucky Scrapple. 

Only the best goes into Bush Lane Farms™ Kentucky Scrapple!

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