There is nothing quite like Premium Quality Kentucky Scrapple.  At Bush Lane Farms, we use only the best, freshest premium cuts of meats and locally sourced grains to create Bush Lane Farms Kentucky Scrapple™

We use no additives, preservatives or fillers; just top quality meat, spices and grains.

Remember, everything's better in Pleasureville!

Using LOCALLY SOURCED Premium Products
with a Taste of Kentucky
 Premium cuts and whole grains 
It's not your grandfather's Scrapple!  

Our Scrapple is produced using grains from local farms, organic, non-GMO foods, and humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic free meats. The goal is to provide you with more than food for the breakfast table. We want you and your family to be more engaged and understand where your food comes from.

We take a lot of pride in what we provide. The meats we use are raised and processed within our area. Our corn meal and grits come from Weisenberger Mills of Midway - a Kentucky Proud provider with over 100 years in business . We try to ensure that our ingredients have a local connection.


As of October 1 Bush Lane Farms is a proud sponsor of
Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen! 

Tim and Nicki are Kentucky icons and
we are extremely excited to be part of their team!  

Click here TO SEE FULL EPISODE in which Tim Farmer uses Bush Lane Farms Kentucky Scrapple in his Scrapple Sliders
In the Louisville area you can buy Bush Lane Farms Kentucky Scrapple™ at Paul's Fruit Market, Kingsley Meats, Butchers Best and Trackside Butcher Shoppe.
In Lexington we're at Wilsons Grocery and the Local Connection.
If you can't find it locally, ask your retailer to contact us!
A Kentucky Original
Updating a Classic Recipe
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